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Bored, tired, and sleepy.... what better time to do a meme??

Stolen from Spiritaelia who stole it from elsewhere; ITS A CIRCLE OF THIEVERY

1. Your first OC ever?

Most likely a Pokemon, Digimon, or Power Rangers team from like when I was four XD

2. Do you have a personal favorite among your OCs?

Uhh, well, my more permanent, important and memorable OCs, I love them all

3. Have you ever adopted a character or gotten a character from someone else?

I did adopt a free character from when I first joined dA, but I never did anything with her yet

4. A character you rarely talk about?

Literally, all of them~

5. If you could make only one of your OCs popular/known, who would it be?

Um, all of them XD In all seriousness, though, would be the characters from that book series I keep telling myself I'll write and finish one day
DISCLAIMER: Legit, most of them will be popping up in the following questions

6. Two OCs of yours that look alike despite not being related?

I don't think I have any characters like that....

7. Are your OCs part of any story or stories?

Most if not all of them belong to a story/plot.  Either they were born for a story or a story was crafted around them XD

8. Do you RP as any of your OCs? If you do, introduce one of your RP OCs here!

Only the characters I have in TheDifferingClans, I think....
Since most of my characters belong to some head-story, I don't know if I could RP them around d:

9. Would you ever be willing to give any of your OCs to someone else?


10. Introduce an OC with a complicated design?

None of my characters have a complicated design.... I mean, have you seen Hero, my fursona?? XD

11. Is there any OC of yours you could describe as a “sunshine”?


12. Name an OC that isn’t yours but who you like a lot

I mean, if it wasn't obvious :P
Party Animals Twitterpatted On the twelfth day of Christmas... It's Terror Time
Screw you dA and your dumb autoformatting keeping me from doing the clever linking I had in mind

13. Do you have any troublemaker OCs?

Yeeees?  I don't know... I don't have any major prankers, I don't think

14. Introduce an OC with a tragic backstory

Areleo and his offspring from that aforementioned book series.  Oh, and Tigi Ero probably too

15. Do you like to talk about your OCs with other people?

Very rarely because I'm 99% sure most people aren't interested XD

16. Which one of your OCs would be the best at biology (school subject)?

Areleo probably followed by his brother

17. Any OC OTPs?

I mean, yeah, sorta; a couple characters were sort of made that way

18. Any OC crackships?

Nah, I find it hard to crackship any of my characters with another

19. Introduce an OC that means a lot to you (and explain why)

Leoro and Tigi Ero because they go through a major maturity change and character development thing that I want to emulate.  Like, they go through dealing with and accepting loss and responsibilities and stuff.  For fictional characters that came from my head, they're an inspiration XD

20. Do any of your OCs sing? If they sing, care to share more details (headcanon voice, what kind of songs they like etc)?

Never really thought about it, honestly

21. Your most artistic OC?

Jizaro if only for his story-telling abilities~

22. Is there any OC of yours people tend to mischaracterize? If yes, how?

No on knows my OCs so they can't XD

23. Introduce OC that has changed from your first idea concerning what the character would be like?

Tigi Ero XD He started out as an asshole, and he still is, but he has his reasons that I came to find out

24. If you could meet one OC of yours, who would it be and why?

Tigi Ero to give him a hug d: Followed by Hero just to compliment him on his hair

25. The OC that resembles you the most (same hobby, height, shared like/dislike for something etc?)

Hero cuz he's my fursona :3

26. Have you ever had to change your OC’s design or something else about them against your will?


27. Any OCs that were inspired by a certain song?

No, but a lot of songs I feel can apply to them like Leoro here

28. Your most dangerous OC?

Areleo (indirectly) and Dark Hero

29. Which one of your OCs would go investigate an abandoned house at night without telling anyone they’re going?

Kilo, Neolo, or Yagaar probably

30. Which one of your OCs would most likely have a secret stuffed animal collection?

It'd be so cute if Tigi Ero or Neolo did

31. Pick one OC of yours and explain what their tumblr blog would be like (what they reblog, layout, anything really)

Parda, a leopard, who'd probably post a lot of cute animal pictures, GMH text posts, selfies/pictures with friends, and answers to received questions.  Maybe mythology/history posts

32. Which one of your OCs would be the most suitable horror game protagonist and why?

Fuuu, hard one.... Aggressive, no fear dude?  Tigi Ero or Neolo; Level-headed hero? Jangu or Yagaar

33. Your shyest OC?

Leora or Nimba, maybe

34. Do you have any twin characters?


35. Any sibling characters?

Hell yeah

36. Do you have OC pairs where the other part belongs to someone else (siblings, lovers, friends etc)?

Um, literally everyone.  Unity and friendship and love and family and all that

37. Introduce an OC who is not quite human

95% of my characters aren't even human

38. Which one of your OCs would be the best dancer?

Did not consider this either......

39. Introduce any character you want

That's what this entire meme has become

40. Any fond memories linked to your characters? Feel free to share!

Fond memories?  Not exactly.  Although the initial plot development of the book gang was fun and exciting

41. Has anyone drawn fanart of your OCs? If yes, maybe show a picture or two here (remember sources & permissions!)

Once!  And I loved it dearly <3
HerosBane2854 fanart1 by HYENART114

42. Which one of your OCs would be the most interested in Greek gods?

Parda for sure

43. Do you have any certain type when you create your OCs? Do you tend to favour some certain traits or looks? It’s time to confess.

Generally emotionally subdued characters, I think.  Otherwise, they're all pretty idealistic and naive with still have a lot to learn

44. Something you like about your OCs in general

Just helping me to explore things

45. A character you no longer use?

Many, many, many characters that aren't linked to stories/plots.  Usually no-names ;-;

46. Has anyone ever told you that you treat your OCs badly?


47. Has anyone ever (friendly) claimed any of your OCs as their child?

Nope XD

48. OC who is a perfect cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure

Despite saying many are idealistic, I don't think any are "too pure"

49. Which one of your OCs would most likely enjoy memes?

Parda XD

50. Give me the good ol’ OC talk here. Talk about anything you want

I'm really sorry for doing this meme since no one knows who these characters are XD I want to do stuff with them, drawn art or written prose, but I'm so paranoid of them being stolen somehow and/or jeopardizing their publishing rights for the future. Soooo, instead a little tease of who these characters are with this meme instead.

If you legitly read this far, you get a cookie :cookie:
But only if you legitly read this far!

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